7th Dec 2017 Opening hours for the holidays (2017-2018)

It's almost the end of 2017. At the end of December Codyco Hosting limited opening hours due to holidays. On Friday, December 22 we close at 12:00 On Monday, December 25 we are closed On Tuesday, December 26 we are closed On Monday, January 1st we are closed On Tuesday, January 2st we are closed On behalf of the Codyco Hosting team, we ... Read More »

20th Sep 2017 WordPress 4.8.2 Security Release

WordPress 4.8.2 is now available. This is a security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately.

WordPress versions 4.8.1 and earlier are affected by these security issues. For more info go to https://wordpress.org/news/2017/09/wordpress-4-8-2-security-and-maintenance-release/

11th Sep 2017 .CA - State requirements

When registering a .CA name, if the country is not the US or Canada, a US state is no longer required.

24th Jun 2017 New website and domain Codyco

Hereby we would like to inform you that we have chosen for a new website for Codyco. User friendliness and simplicity is key. We have also changed our domain name as we were two separate websites, namely codyco.nl and codyco.ca. We centralized both sites on Codyco.io to appeal to a more international audience.

5th May 2017 Important change to wordpress websites

A botnet has run attacks on WordPress websites, focused on WordPress login page, over the past few months. It uses the default username "admin" and a list of common passwords, in an attempt to access WordPress installations. To stop these attacks, we have taken various measures in recent months. However, this botnet is constantly updated with new ... Read More »

6th Mar 2017 Beveiligingsupdate Wordpress 4.7.3

Er is een beveiligingsupdate voor Wordpress. Versie 4.7.3 bevat updates voor 6 beveiligingsproblemen en 39 overige updates. Meer informatie over de update kunt u vinden op:


14th Dec 2016 Joomla 3.6.5 beveiligingsupdate

Er is een belangrijke update beschikbaar voor Joomla. Het is aan te raden Joomla direct bij te werken, meer informatie hierover vindt je op: https://www.joomla.org/announcements/release-news/5693-joomla-3-6-5-released.html

6th Dec 2016 WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” beschikbaar

Er is een nieuwe versie van Wordpress uit, versie 4.7, meer informatie hierover vindt u op:


1st Dec 2016 Beperkte openingstijden in december 2016

Het is alweer bijna het einde van 2016. Eind december is Codyco Hosting vanwege de feestdagen beperkt geopend. Op vrijdag 23 december sluiten we om 12:00 Op Maandag 26 december zijn we gesloten Op vrijdag 30 december sluiten we om 12:00 Op Maandag 2 januari zijn we gesloten Namens het hele Codyco Hosting team wensen wij iedereen fijne ... Read More »