Genuine Hosting Experts

Codyco was founded 15 years ago by two enthusiastic network specialists. Currently, we may call Codyco a veteran and a leading specialist within the hosting market. Codyco focuses on the delivery of fully managed hosting environments, with special attention on service and availability.

The role of Codyco

Codyco specializes in the hosting and managing of web environments. No matter how complex and demanding this environment will be, Codyco will always ensure that the web environment is accessible. Think of e-commerce, popular websites or sites with intensive data traffic or a multi-site environment. But we also accommodate the small entrepreneurs. Customers, who choose Codyco for their web shops, web sites and web applications, can trust on quality, speed and availability. Codyco has the platform, but also the knowledge and technology to guarantee a fantastic uptime and that is a reassuring thought!